"PENTARIS DECK is designed utilizing lightweight material, EVA-Foam. Introducing PENTARIS DECK which address

 the shortcomings of commonly used wood materials."

Hong woo, Shin
Co-founder and CEO at CREATIVE PERS


EVA, known as ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, is obtained by polymerizing ethylene and vinyl acetate. As the vinyl acetate content increases, the density increases while the crystallinity decreases, resulting in increased flexibility. Low-density EVA, similar to regular low-density polyethylene, is often used in various applications such as cushioning materials and adhesive for laminated films due to its excellent impact resistance, especially at low temperatures, and superior resistance to stress cracking.


Shock-absorbing cushioning sensation


A material that is 100% recyclable


A material resistant to marine environments


Customizable design available

You can create a distinctive atmosphere for each yacht by applying unique designs through the incorporation of various patterns, logos, or initials.

Cost-effective solution allowing for the design of deck patterns for each yacht, followed by CAD drafting and production using CNC equipment.

Its simple installation process allows for easy and affordable partial repairs, making it advantageous for surface damage and contamination on the deck.

Due to the characteristics of EVA, it possesses elasticity and does not easily deform, while also having high tensile strength.

It provides a non-slip surface, ensuring safe movement on the ship even when the deck is wet.


In the past, there was a widely held belief that heavier materials equated to higher strength. However, with advancements in material technology, numerous lightweight yet high-strength materials have been developed. Therefore, in line with the changes of modern times, we aim to introduce the benefits of applying lightweight materials to ship decks.



Compared to EVA, it incurs higher costs.

Due to the nature of wood, it possesses strong durability and resilience.

It requires meticulous maintenance, including oil painting and upkeep.

The nature of wood makes it difficult to design in freeform shapes.


Installation is possible at a lower cost compared to a wood deck.

Synthetic rubber offers durability and elasticity.

Requires less maintenance compared to a wood deck.

Expression of freeform curves and shapes is possible.

"design solutions for feasible boat manufacturing."

Pentaris decks are designed utilizing lightweight material, EVA-Form. Introducing Pentaris decks which address the shortcomings of commonly used wood materials.

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